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If Only Words Could Tell


Swirling, twirling, Whirling, all colors of a rainbow, its crest,

Spinning, twisting, turning, burning, searching, in our quest.

Flashing, crashing, dashing, are all across an evening's sky,

Bursting, erupting, storming, surging, meteors, asteroids fly.

Shooting, streaking, striking, matter collide, at heaven's gate,

Magnificent, spectacular, wonders, the universe to perpetuate.

Ignition, combustion, its percussion, an origin, to demonstrate,

A validation, certification, of its own verification to substantiate.


Questions, perplexions, misconstrued and all out of sync,

Mysteries, puzzles, enigmas, conundrums, make us think.

The transcendental, unfathomable, incomprehensible, all,

A knowledge found when searched, for minds, even small.

The inexplicable, enigmatical, seemingly veiled in obscurity,

An understanding, becomes logical, examining from A to Z.

Outer limits become within reason, in conceiving minds to fly,

As verses on blank pages, enlighten us all, when we but try.


Atoms, a molecular structure, evolving into each planetary orb,

Revolving in an assigned position, about stars, we may absorb.

A conjugation of life's components, its schematic view to relate,

Are part and parcel of a universal plan, is so ours to investigate.

The human mind, of its limitations, we all may try to compensate,

A feasibility of all creation, of its likelihood, our faiths, may actuate.

Our God and the Great Creator, designed us each to question all,

Every beginning, its questions, of that to swim, fly, walk, or to crawl.


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