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If My Love Is Insane

If loving you this much is insane
Loving a woman is not a normal thing
My heart is no longer wearing its mask
What you see now is new to me too

I can’t hold an emotion close very well
My feelings only know how to act crazy
We’re not supposed to let on in public
That’s no way of life for anything true

I wonder if I always say too much
Hiding behind a mystery is an escape
That’s not the way I want to love anyway
Reckless restlessness brought me to you

The things we believe are beautiful
Were born in the longing of our past
I was eclipsed by the wrong hearts
We thought we were birds that flew

We finally saw the sun in the same way
Melting in the eyes that we now follow
It lit up the part of the souls we saved
But we realized it was something new

Sometimes the life we live is as it comes
This time it picked the right time for us
Being in love was a dream I deserved
Living it is what my dreams never knew