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If Mind Then Thoughts

Inspired by the concept of I'ness and self-inquiry of Bhagwan Ramana Maharshi.

Whence they come?



Relentless robbery of focus

Hapless hijack of purpose

Perennial pervasion of space

Sentinel squander of time

Prey on the mind

Feed on the will

Play with the meek

Fool with the weak

A moment’s arrest

A life’s goal !!

Balancing Duality Within


If - Then

Conditional says the Doubter

Motivational says the Believer

Limiting says the Free-thinker

Control says the Mitigator

Restrictive says the Liberal

Caution says the Moderate

Coercive says the Radical

Restrain says the Social

Logic says the Scientific

Karmic says the Dharmic




Mind is an ape

Monkeys around

Manifests the world

Muddles the identity

Mystifies the self

Masks in sleep

Meditate will it upon itself?

© 2020 Seek Inwards Yogi

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