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If Loving You Is A Crime #4

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No Male Wishes to Be Romantically Involved with The Young Damsel

The young lady keeps improving, and through the assistance of friends, siblings, parents, and prayers she comes out of the position, and continued with her studies and finished. However, males do not wish to be romantically associated with her because of what they

have heard about her that she is under a curse, that the career of any male who dares to be romantically involved with her would destroyed. She does not think about this because her parents have told her that she should not give that a thought for the time being for the medical

personnel have stated that she needs rest, qualitative and quantitative one, and she should not allow anything to stress-up her mind. Having known what she passed through before, she keeps to what her parents have told her never bothered by what others are saying. She

secured an employment with the government of the island and was doing her duties without fear or favor. As one of the new employees of the island government, the marketing officers of one of the banks within the island has come to advertise the product of the bank to

her and the need for her to open an account with the bank to become one of their customers. Since the bank account which she was using before was not approved by the management of the firm she was working with, she has to open an account with the bank that

the young man has come to advertise to her. Subsequently after this the young maiden and the young man become friends. She was enjoying his companion and every time he calls, she would be happy if she has been dull before she will become active and alive. However she

still fears being romantically involved with anyone because of what has happened to her in the past. This young man becomes fond of her and could barely do anything without telling her. However he has over the times been noticing that she is reserving, and at times she may

want to tell her something but would held herself back from saying the thing she wants to say unto him. Then, this young man goes out and make some inquiries into her past. None in her office knows much about her past therefore they could not say much to the man.


However, they directed the young banker to one of her friends that they have known her with, whom they presume would be in the best position to tell him some salient things about the young damsel. The young banker went to the lady and through her he gets some salient

things about the young damsel, she told him what she has passed through and how males have been fleeing her like plague because many people have heard that there is a curse on her which if any male becomes romantically involved with her would have problem in his chosen

career. For this reason she has been keeping to herself having been saved from a shock that would have make her to be totally dependent for life, if not an outcast in the society because assuming her condition worsens and she could not come around, she would have

been neglected in the society like many others and would have become an outcast the young banker has been told by her friend. He was glad to hear this and went back home. His mind keeps revolving around her, his mind cannot leave her alone and he knows he deeply

loves her. Therefore, he makes some consultations with the people who have been his spiritual pillars telling them about the young damsel and how he has deeply fallen in love with her, but her past is debarring her from associating herself further with him. They told

him that what happens to him was the enemies handiwork when she was romantically involved with the first man whom she has been romantically involved with. The man has many girlf, and one of those ladies was the one who cast a spell on her which makes it look

as if she was under a curse from the inception of her life. They told him however that, the spell casted on her has a lifespan and the lifespan has expired, if he goes ahead to become romantically involved with her now he will have no regrets and everything shall be well with

him, and with the damsel. Having been assured by those people, he asks her out one day and that was when he proposed to her. She sighed when he proposed to her telling him that she though loves him but she has a problem which she has been battling with for some years,

and therefore, she has been keeping to herself all these while because she would not want a repeat of what happened, nor would she want the person involved with her to suffer in his career. The young banker told her all he wants to know from her is whether she would love

him or not, and if she will be romantically involved with him he should forget her past because the Supreme Being is greater, Higher, Powerful and mighty than all we may have experienced in the past, he is the one who can turn things around in a twinkling of an eye. “I

indeed love you but I am scared…” he would not allow her to conclude her statement as he kissed her, saying, “if loving you is a crime to the powerful ones, I have chosen to commit the crime” …. “Really?” she asked with happiness in her eyes, resting her head on his chest.


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