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If Loving You Is A Crime #3

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It was hard for me to do because I really love her, she was indeed my all in all then, but I consider my future, I consider my work, this is what I am doing, athlete, I have no other job, I have been known before, and I cannot afford to go down just like that having discovered

what the problem is, I decide for what the man said after some days of deep thinking. And true to what the man stated, the following day that I severed my romantic involvement with her, tide of things turned for me. For since the time I have been losing the competition, even

my coach has been doubting my capability to lead the team again, and he has been calling others to lead the team, but the following day, he invited me again to direct the affairs of the training, and things went well. The following competition that the Island’s sports council

management has been stating that I will be responsible for my sponsorship, they announced that they will give me another chance, knowing that sometimes in one’s life one may be faced with some hidden challenges which will affect one’s performance in the field,

they want to give me another chance to rewrite my name in the gold, hoping that I will at least get to the qualifying stages this time around to tell the world that I am getting back on. I could not imagine what I heard, I was thinking I was dreaming and had to ask my coach that

is it real or I am dreaming and he told me I am not dreaming, that the ball is in my courts I need to play it well this time around. Well, as I was doing before, I started working on myself, the morale has been restored and I have to justify it. During the next competition


which the island’s council has told me to prove myself, I believe you can recollect what happened at the competition. Which was well described by the journalists all over the globe, “proving everyone wrong”, “the reincarnated young star”, among other titles was the heading

of the newspaper report after I won the competition. This was because all the emerging athlete within the island that people have been focusing on never performed at the competition and it was me who was the rejected cornerstone who made the island proud at

the competition. With this development, I can therefore not fault what the star gazer has said, even if I was thinking of going back to her before the competition, after the competition I know I cannot go back to her again before the word of the man has been vindicated. This is

my position dear one. You can therefore put yourself in my shoes assuming you are in my shoes will you go back to her so that you condition continues to get worse? The man shook his head, saying he obviously would not dare it, the Holy Books do not say we should love

others more than ourselves, he added. Thank you the young star replied, as they parted ways. People got the wind of this discussion about the young man and the rising athlete star in the island, and they knew that the young star has fled for his life, fled for his career,

salvaging his career. True to it they discovered that ever since this time, the young man has continued to wax hot on the tracks and field and he has regained back his lost glory, he is now the first on the rank of the athlete in the island.


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