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If Loving You Is A Crime #2

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What Brought About the Separation

She was devastated on hearing this entering into shock. She was not herself for many days, the shock she was resulted in depression and she started showing symptoms and signs of psychosis, delusions and hallucinations characterized her actions. Her friends fear for this

development and sends for her parents who came to her aid took her to the hospital where drugs were prescribed for him and she was encouraged to be resting very well, in addition to this, her clinician told her parents that they need to be talking to her about things she likes,

taken her mind off those things that can trigger the incident again. Her academics was suspended for the time being, and her parents and siblings rallied round her to bring her back to her normal position. For the medical personnel have said, such cannot be prevented for

someone who is in love with a person, and when the person turns around to say he or she does not have interest in the relationship again it will take a person of a strong mind not to be affected physically, some like her will go into severe shock, this we see regularly the medical

personnel have stated to her parents and siblings. They have strongly counseled that if they give her the needful medications, staying by her side, letting her rest, among other things she will come around with time. Therefore, her parents were there for her monitoring her, never

left her. As they were using drugs prescribed by the medical personnel, her parents which also believed in the power of prayer have involved others in their local assemblies to join them in prayer for their daughter. After months, she started coming around, and was able to

continue with her academics and finished her academics. In the meanwhile when these were happening to the lady, one of the people who have known the lady together with the rising athlete star in the island has told him about his former fiancée, he was sorry that such


could happen to her. The person now told him that, it is the belief of many of her friends that it was you telling her that you are not interested in the relationship again that caused that on her, because you are her first and only love till the moment. The young man said he was

sorry such could happen, he though loves her but he cannot continue with her again because his job is at stake, his fame is dwindling. How do you mean? The person asks and he replied that, a month after they started dating, he went for a local competition in which he

could not qualify for the third round. Well, I thought I have not prepared very well for the competition, that over the weeks I have relaxed. I went to my abode, and work more on myself, but what happened during the following competition was worse than the first one

because I did not exceed the first round of the competition. This was how the trend continues, I wasn’t improving and my rank in the international, national, and local rating has plummet sharply. Then I went to one of the star gazers around to ask of what the problem

with me was. The person I contacted on looking at the crease on my palm say I am in romantic relationship with a lady that the lady is under a curse, and as long as I continue to be romantically involved with her, I would continue to lose in my competitions and with time I

will not be a force to reckon with in the island again let alone globally. What can I do to this? I asked the man and he told me there is nothing I can do about it, what I can only do about it is me separating from her, adding that immediately I severed my relationship with her, I should note what would follow the following day.


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