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If Loving You Is A Crime #1

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Her Joy Turns to Sadness

She was on top of the world when she was proposed to by the man she has always dreamt of in her life. She obviously was on the top of the world the day she accepts his proposal, what she has always dreamt of has come to pass. She could not imagine that her dreams will

come to pass just like that, she has all the while been thinking it was a mere dream and it could not come to pass, she being romantically involved with one of the greatest athletes of her time. She got to know about him when she was in her first year in the college and since

then she has been following him on the social media and has been traveling to watch him run for the island. On seeing his built, she has been dreaming about him, but one time she reads on one of the microblogging sites, that some people dream about marrying a star who

does not know them and would be fantasizing about the person wherever they are, which would make them ignore other proposals coming along their paths. On reading the article she felt it was as if the author of the article saw her when he was writing the article and thought

about what she needs to do to ensure that she gets the attention of the rising star in the island. She, therefore, sends messages to him through his inbox, which he replies, and that was how the communication starts. She cannot do without sending messages to him daily,

and out of his tight schedule he will reply her messages. One day the star asks her while chatting with him what he wants from him and she replies everything about him, she wants him. The star sends an icon of laughing


cannot say, let us continue with our dialogue on this platform trusting that it will turn out positive. She was elated when she heard this, saying this is all she wanted to hear from him, giving him a chance to prove herself. During one of the competitions organized by the Local

Athletics Authorities, she was there to cheer him up there and then they met physically. After their meeting, the young man likes his physique and told her she is not bad, the photos of her that she has seen has been genuine, adding that the photos have really hidden her

beauty for only few people like that do this happen to, many people, they would not be as beautiful as the photos one has seen he reiterated. She was elated for his comment and tell him that she has been flattered by his comments. As expected, he won the competition. About

a week after winning the competition he proposed officially to her, and since they have been trekking along the terrain before, she would not play hotchpotch with her answers for she does not want to lose him. They started going out, and she was trying all her best seeing

that she satisfies the young sports man. However, as he has rightly stated that there are many ladies on him, which he has been looking unto before she comes into the picture, she was thinking he will put all those ladies behind him since she has come into his life, but she

was grossly mistaken because he continues to see them. Since she has made up her mind to be in his life, she would not be bothered as long as the coming star keeps returning to her. However, things turned the other way around for the young damsel, about six months after

this because her joy was truncated, as the young rising star says he does not want to be romantically involved with her again.


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