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If I Should Meet a Bitter End

Caston George is a 10-year veteran political professional and former politician, accomplished writer, researcher, author, and archivist.


If I Should Meet A Bitter End...

"May I live forever, with the finest Alchemies,

May I touch all seven continents, and may I bathe in all seven seas.

May I be blessed with seven Sacraments, may God make me sevenfold more fine,

May Christ forgive me as I forgive others, seventy times seven times.

May I be blessed by the seven deities, and seven archangels Divine,

Jovial, Martial, Mercurial, Venusian and Saturnine,

But if to greater service I am called by God, and my forever on earth He halts,

I pray Love, Salvation, and with Holy Light, my spirit and soul He Exalts;

May my beloved Jaron, who got to Heaven before me,

Collect me with Sebastian, our son, to go home as a family.

May Helios and Michael, with flaming sword, turn the night into day,

And not forlorn, as Gabriel’s horn, and Diana light our way.

May all those from school who once did mock, remove their hats for me;

Who once called me fool as adults may talk and toast to my bravery;

And when of me they speak and sing, let them say, “he was quite unlike the rest,

An unlikely once and future King, but a King nevertheless.”

One that did a lot things he shouldn’t have, and suffered, with regrets too great to tell;

But survived things most wouldn’t have, arising back up from out of hell;

“Things are the way they are,” they said to me, “who’s gonna change that, really? You?’

“Well, by Jove, he did, in fact, the first to do it, too;

“And these roads of possibility in front of you? They once weren’t there, you see:

“He charted and paved them for you, to have an easier life than he;

“Here’s to he and them who listen’d not, when we said it could not be done,

Whom though fools and losers by most were called, but who were right in the end, and won,”

Let it be written in history, that this heart was indomitable and stout;

Let them be smitten with my mystery, let me bring hope to a world without.

For I have truly seen with mine own two eyes, the Lord’s great Glory sight;

That Divine Fire that Is unseen by most; the Fire that forever burns a’light;

Let me have construct’ed a temple, that, it was told me I’d undertake,

By One who, straight from the Blue, tasked me to build and make.

May my immortal spirit keep burning brightly on if this body of mine should break;

May my sceptre of gold, respected and old, outshine tomorrow’s new and fake.

May tomorrow’s men look to me when inspiration they should need for sure,

I might be of their past, but represent what lasts, and over time prevails and endures.

And if I should face a bitter end, may my shoulders hold me high,

May my chin be uply kept and my soul fixed to the sky.

I pray to God to keep dry my eyes, and keep me fearless before all;

And with grace meet a fine demise, and may it be a hero’s fall.

O Lord give strength unto my hand that I may strike with might,

A crippling blow for I will not go gently into the night.

May I strike for God above, For Empire and for Crown,

May I strike for truth and love, and with me take the enemy down.

Let me not strike for myself alone, if my life I need to give,

But for the will of God be done and known, so that others may live.

May dignity preserve me as I step toward the end so rough and mean,

And my last word, make loudly heard, and may it be: 'God Save The Queen!’"

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