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If I Never Say “Die O’ My Will”

Endy is a lover of and a practicing writer. He is always learning ways to improve while spilling his gut. He sees writing as life.


The Strength of the will

I had fallen many times and I have fallen again
Right where I lay with the dust, I still possess a will
And I have the right to choose or to remain
I know I need a true lover and a perfect friend
I mean no superhuman, just an encouraging friend
One who can dust me up, love, hugs, and kisses me

With more fall my boneless heart became stronger
My vision and mission clearer and delighting
And my will competes with earth’s dust to rise
I will never let the dust of this journey settle on me
No, I will fight with a will ever strong and undying
I wish to find the love, the hugs, and kisses of hope



I rose each time I fall feeling stronger and inspired
I know I have a will that never says, “I’m dying”
And I say to myself, “I am strong and determined”
I know the will to rise can never be taken,
If you find me in the dust, please don’t laugh at me
I am a struggling man running in life’s shadows

My soul became humane and refined in my fallen state
And each fall, and each time and each rose with the dust,
I bear in my heart unburied and non-bruised dreams
I know I shall find some loving fulfilment if I win,
I know I will win if I never say, “Die O’ My Will”
I’ll never quit till I find hugs and kisses of greatness

© 2018 Ajodo Endurance Uneojo

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