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If I Have Anything

Attending Bible school at age 17, it was expressed there is a need for modern day Christian writers. So I have accepted the challenge.

A Lincoln Rose, offers both its beauty and its thorns

A Lincoln Rose, offers both its beauty and its thorns

If I Have Anything

If I have lived and not died, then it is a gift from the Lord

If I have any hope in this life of success, it is from the Lord

The years I have spent already, they are from the Lord

Children born from my seed, they are gifts from the Lord,

And their years and time on Earth are a gift from the Lord

Let me point it out to you, It is all from the goodness of the Lord.

My health and prosperity, and prospects of life are a gift from the Lord

My fortunes and even my follies are allowed by the Lord

Any blessings that I have are from the Lord

My feet and hands and their ability are gifts from the Lord

My soundness of mind is given me by the Lord

If I have anything, It is given me from the Lords hands

My inspirations and my dreams are born in my spirit from the Lord

Inner strength and self worth is born within me from the Lord

My outlook and my faith born within me is of the Lord

Any battle of conscience fought within is about the Lord

Mercies are renewable, so failing is not an option due to the Lord.

I will daily win any constant struggles based on my relationship with Him

Anywhere I go and the beauty of life I see is a gift from the Lord

My life's opportunities don't just happen without the grace of the Lord

Who I am and where I was born was a divine invention of the Lord

He who spoke my life's journey into existence was the Lord

As creator, as my designer and very life giver, He is Jesus, My Lord

As Everlasting God, and maker of all things, He is the Lord

So, If I have anything at all, it is from Him, my King.

He who guards me with the heavenly angels, is the mighty Lord

He who watches over me constantly, is the Lord

The songs of praise born within my soul are from the Lord

Majestically, he rules over my world, as the Lord of Lords

In a time long ago, he saw my need, and died for my sins, this merciful Lord

On a cruel rugged cross, executed by men, this was Jesus

Destined to die, and take my place and yours, as our Savior, as our Lord

When I was in my mothers womb, He who made plans for my life

Knew I would need mercy, knew I would need grace knew I would need his love

This was his mission, his purpose, His life for mine, this lamb of God

Now I thank him for everything he's given me, thank you Lord

For every times he's delivered me, thank you sweet Lord

For every challenge and every moment of happiness, thank you Lord

For setting me on a rock and leading me in a straight path, Oh Lord.

I worship you, adore and exalt you in all splendor, and royal praise my Lord

I cannot understand it all, but I know he is all knowing, this greatest Lord

In times of trouble, he is the Lord, In times of distress, he is still God

When I come to him in tears, He bears my burdens, oh my compassionate Lord

Sometimes times when I can't stand to live, he gives me a new hope of Life

In trials, in darkness, in loss, loneliness and defeat, who has my back but the Lord?

Beautiful in situation and in times of desperation, my friend is the gracious Lord

In happiness as well, in times of awe and wonder, what a companion is my Lord

Life has led me to walk with him, to talk with him as man to his Lord

Forever settled, my Savior who gave his own life for me, saying I am your Lord!

Joy will fill my soul with gladness in the morning oh Lord.

My mouth will offer you praise, mighty one of heaven born.

In my heart you will forever live, and I victorious because of you Lord

What I found in you will never cease, your work in me, until eternity

What enemy can I ever have, when you are on my side, dear precious God?

Your presence follows me and directs me on my way upward, Lord

Fill me now, forget me not, for my sake and my children's sake Lord, my Lord

Let it never end, my part in this, For he is the Lord, He is the Lord!


copyrights/author- M. O. Jones

Written: August 27, 2018


© 2018 Oscar Jones