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Before I Wake

Poetry that comes from the writer's heart of things she has seen or come to know about, sharing what that heart has learned.

Are Dreams Spiritual?

Whether you believe it is spiritual or your subconscious at work (and personally I believe that it well could be a spiritual experience trying to get through to us), many of us find that we do our very best "thinking" (or decision making) while we are asleep.

It is so well accepted that this clarity comes to us when we sleep, that we have a common expression saying, "Let me sleep on it," when we have to make difficult decisions. Surely we all have voiced these words more than once. Then how many times have we heard it?

Does getting rest allow our brain to sort things out and come to that best decision that is for the best for us? Does sleep give us the opportunity to explore a variety of options in our dreams, and decide which one will work best in our own situation? Or is it that sometimes, God gives us a message we are really needing that comes through loud and clear for a decision so important to us?

Whatever is going on for the nights our dreams seem to be talking to us and clarifying our problems, "sleeping on it" does take on that deep, conclusive meaning.

As is my way, I have included a poem on this that I hope will entertain you and leave you with new insight.

Do Dreams Have Meaning?


Do Spirits Speak to us in our Sleep?

Without the inspired understanding and confirmation, would not dreams be confusing and useless? Surely then our dreams are given for a reason? Are even the crazy, confusing nonsense ones meant to make us at least ask for guidance to figure them out?

Are they for warnings, for revelation, insight of some sort or maybe to bring comfort when we most need it?

Prophetic dreams naturally are biblical and of another sort not included here. I don't think my poem is covering prophetic, but if you do think so, let me know in comments. This is just one of those many poems that came to me from out of the blue since coming to HubPages, that surprised even me once it was done.

Hope you enjoy it and are entertained!

Dreams You Have Had

Why Are Some Dreams Totally Forgotten and Some Never Are?


Before I Wake - A poem

I dreamed I was so happy

and you were happy too.

We only spoke of joyful

things that we would like to do.

We only did just what we loved

and so happy to wake up.

Blessings seemed to be so over-

running as well as our cup.

It amazed me as I was dreaming

that there was nothing sad.

It was as if we had just met

and no troubles we had.

Surely there must be something;

how could it be so good?

I tried to think of something

bad, but you know, I never could.

Could we live a life like this

where skies were never grey?

Where the sun never went

behind the clouds a single day?

I wondered how we could even

take this smiling all the time?

Could one be that happy; like

a child in a nursery rhyme?

I looked at you and saw someone

I thought was gone so long ago

I barely remembered this person

wondering just when did you go?

Ah, this was great I felt so much

younger and looked younger too.

I had lost all of my frown wrinkles

and then noticed that so had you.

No, we were not younger, even

though we really felt that way.

We simply dropped all our troubles;

and started pushing them away.

Something within us made us

feel so unburdened and so very light.

It was like walking on clouds

lifted up, weightless, as if for flight.

Could this be a sign of something

coming soon that we might see?

Or was something telling me this

was really how it should always be?

Could we forget our troubles,

maybe look over them somehow?

Was it possible that here on earth

we could be that way now?

If only I could put you in this

vision and let you look around.

I was sure you would want all

this happiness too, I had found.

Who would ever turn this down?

I so wished that you could see.

Happiness greater than any

we could hope for you and me.

Should I wake up and see if you

would like to take a look around?

At this astonishing pure joy

and great happiness I had found?

What if you did not want to come

back in this dream with me to see?

Then I would have to go on with

a life that I so wanted now to flee.

Maybe I should just stay here

while I have a chance so good.

As much as I hate to leave you,

it would one day be understood.

Why do many feel they just have to

come back, at least we know some.

Taking a chance to miss all this

when others do not want to come.

I must hurry and decide right now

what to do, or chance I should take.

Maybe with no second chances,

...if I should die before I wake!

NDE (Near Death Experience)

Are Dreams Responsible for Our Great Fairy Tales?


© 2017 Jackie Lynnley