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If I Could Change a Thousand Things


If I could just relive my life, all over again,

There are so many things I'd surely undo.

Never would I allow to happen just once,

And on every promise, I'd follow through.

I would never be so mean to a single one,

Call them bad names, do a despicable act.

I'd look at the world in a joyous better way,

Taking more care of all things, to be exact.

I'd make sure the poorest to get some help,

Then for those lame, I'd each help to walk.

All the needy would have more food to eat,

Teachers blackboards and with lots of chalk.

I wouldn't to ever sass my Mom or my Dad,

Following their ways and listening so well.

I'd be the best kid on our block, I could be,

And In my every attempt, I would never fail.

When I grew up, I would pass my advice on,

Tell others that all our lives are so very short.

Each day we are alive is a gift from the Lord,

Love and sharing vital messages in my report.

I'd spend my time in going to church on Sunday,

Spread the good word to all my kith and my kin.

What a wonderful chance in my starting all over,

My following of the good road and without any sin.


© 2018 whonunuwho

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