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If I Could Write A Love Song


I was out for a walk, enjoying life and having some me time, when the thoughts behind this poem came into my head.

If I Could Write A Love Song

If I could write a love song

what is my love of choice?

There are many different types of love

which one will I give voice?

I could be narcissistic

and sing only of my deeds.

My feelings of self-loving

and the ego that it feeds.

I could be melancholic

and sing of the love I’ve lost.

While feeding my addiction

and the price that it had cost.

I could sing about my family

Though it wasn’t always so.

I was told once in my dark days

you reap just what you sow.

I could sing of mother nature

and the love she gives us all.

As I wander by the river

and hear the seagulls call.

I know now just what song I’ll write

of the love I lost and found.

The one I have for everyone

and the life I’ve turned around.

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