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If I Could Go Back


If I could go back with knowledge I have now

I'd do some things different, and I'll tell you how

I'd be true to myself, right from the start

Not letting opinions tear me apart

I'd be softer and kinder to ones that I love

Knowing that soon, they'd be up above

I'd look in the mirror and love what I saw

Not overanalyzing each little flaw

I'd slow down and enjoy the smallest of things

Not rushing to see what the next chapter brings

I'd say no to a drink, although it seemed fun

Understanding that I could not have just one

I'd do what was right and not what was cool

Being a hero instead of a fool

I'd chase after my dreams, and not the next high

Kissing years of addiction goodbye

I'd learn from mistakes and I'd grow from the shame

Knowing that I would have no one to blame

I'd explain to myself, in every way I knew how

That none of this matters, and to live in the now

© 2022 Nicholas Mercogliano