Idiocracy RHYMES

Updated on November 13, 2017


AVERAGE JOE is a Librarian.
Who happened to be chosen.
Chosen for a special assignment.
Bringing someone to fill his position.
Meanwhile, the superiors meet up.
They meet up to discuss.
The way it all is going to be.
But there's something about the one presenting.
Later, the truth comes out.
That officer was all figured out.
The lab was busted and he was arrested.
For starting his own ring of prostitution.
The Lab was destroyed and it ended.
Years later, A pile of Garbage.
Have chambers within it.
I Collapse and it is revealed.
That the chambers are real.
There are domiciles in Washington.
A big drop in the human population.
Not many smart ones.
While Joe experiences Hallucination.
The local hospital confirmed it.
He comes to realize what has happened.
Later, Joe is arrested.
For not paying his doctors' appointment.
He signs FRITO as his lawyer.
While RITA goes to her former.
Her former impression.
She goes back into prostitution.
Joe tricks the guards into escaping.
With his freedom, he is asking.
Asking for a Time Machine.
He is interested in going.
Going back to 2005.
Frito is then bribed.
Joe promises Frito luxuries.
His bank account will be overflowing.
Frito knows of a time machine.
He takes them to the time machine.
Then Joe is apprehended.
He is then taken.
Taken to the White House.
He's given a position in the white house.
Appointed secretary of the interior.
His IQ proved that he's superior.
Meanwhile, President Camacho.
Gives Joe a task that's impossible.
To fix the nations food shortages.
Stopping the economy from sinking.
Wanting it done in a week.
Joe discovers that a sports drink.
Is irrigating the nation's crops.
He chooses to stop.
That results in a drop in stocks.
Causing riots and many hurt shops.
Joe's water to soil has caused growth.
He gets noticed by Camacho.
Joe is promoted to vice president.
The next term is the president.

Luke Wilson
Maya Rudolph
Dax Shepard

Mike Judge


© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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