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Identity Crisis (Remember Who You are)


Identity Crisis

Identity crisis got you forgetting who Christ is

So we dress like you, we talk like you, we walk around and hold our crotch like you,

till we tuck away any trace of him

just to be brainwashed making our thoughts like you

We harmonize with a world that tells lies,

we don’t even realize we’re fastened to a puppet master

who exacts our lives ending up in a cycle of constant disaster

these lies got you lying with false impressions of who you are

you’re the star of every soap opera, a serial drama,

you stay murdering your spirit making you a serial mobster, a misogynist builder,

a conviction killer massaging my mind while you pulling the trigger.

we got boys kissing our brothers and girls drinking lies

while they scrape their bodies of the seeds of Eve

they give into this disease of killing their future without fear of reprieve

Body is the quota for who’s ever penetrating and giving an escape

to a nation lead by youth assaulted with the abuse

of our fathers enslaved with opioid we crave

our bodies yoked to anxiety and depression, self-hatred and oppression

used for suppression of anything that could be used as a weapon

to rekindle the remembrance of who you belong to.

supposed to be a Christian but feeling like something else.

a monster, a degenerate you just can’t help yourself,

it’s evident so you start to believe and now you can’t conceive your worth,

you fall prey to the wrong god and start praying to something else,

stains of your shame can be erased by Christ’s blood

but he makes you swallow chains cause he intends to leave you maimed,

but I can no longer sustain with this pain, I’m going insane.

I’m here to give notice to devil, but they saying it’s suicide,

but looken at all the lives he’s stolen and broken I’d say that’s genocide.

so I’m taking back my faith, he can’t taunt me with my mistake,

I’m not just coming for me, I’m coming for both my seeds,

I’m taking back my friends, my brothers, my sisters, my kin

this fight is so precise to me I can’t let this enemy win.

YOU I’m taking you too, you won’t struggle alone,

there’s a place right here in this city, you can find a place to belong.

Your destiny can be a new destiny come on let me lead you home.

I’m taking off shackles, I’m breaking down these walls

I’ve now made this fight, my only worthy cause.

wait a minute, Let me pause, let me remind you of who you are,

you’re a misfit, you’re peculiar, from the start you’re set apart,

A work of art is who you are.

See you are of royal priest hood, your father is the king, He sent his only son

who died for your soul to be redeemed. See he knew you before you knew you,

he knew you before you were formed, he knew your name before it was called.

He said we are to be holy, with a righteous indignation, shine our light to a helpless nation,

to this world we don’t belong, he’s made for us a home

let’s leave this identity crisis behind us where it belongs.