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Idealization Versus Reality: Hard Pill to Swallow

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Dealt with another unfathomable grey morning

Hard to function when sky was so dark and dreary

Forced some excessive examination of the past and the present

Realized that this relationship ghost was no great love story

Sure, it was a fantasy projected onto the reality as a disguise

To cover up the fact that it wasn't going to go anywhere

Hoped that it would no matter how many glaring signs underneath

The false promises of many more tomorrows and fun date nights

Too many differing desires and opposing personalities

Doomed it before it truly got off the ground from day one

Just didn't become aware of it until the aftermath of the explosion

He was too much of a devil may care type of person

Flew by the seat of his pants when it came to making plans

Time was an elusive concept that could never be pinned down

Always added on 30 minutes to an hour for whatever time specified

Got annoying at times, especially when birthday plans made

Forced to change them out of sheer irritation that it took too long

Waited three hours for no discernable reason other than he lost track

Asked relatives who was the more responsible of the two of us

Always told by a landslide that it was me who won that hands down

Couldn't balance his checkbook to save his life or hold a steady job

Managed to always break one too many rules and was fired because of it

Rubbed too many people the wrong way to garner any professional support

In denial that he would be nothing more than a regular joe

Working at a menial job until the day he was able to actually retire

At this rate, he would be working until the moment he was put in the ground

Another glaring disparity was the fact he didn't want kids and I did

That would always have gotten in the way of any type of future

Wasn't going to be any because he could only commit to his kids and his cats

That's all he could muster doing at any given point

Ready to find a pathway that will take me further away from this ghost

A haunting memory that made me smile and angry at the same time

Happy that I met him and angry that I was so trusting too

Opened the door and gave him carte blanche to my heart

Time to take back the power from him and keep it where it belongs

With me running the show and him scrounging for scraps

The way Mother Nature intended it

Karmic payback for not being truthful in the slightest

Justice has been served.

Time? What a concept to some.

Time? What a concept to some.

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