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We Have Vampire Slayers, Demon Slayers, Ghostbusters And Then There's Me- The Mosquito Slayer

Emee.chan is a self-proclaimed mosquito slayer. She even manages to catch them in mid-flight from time to time.


Mosquito Hunt

I hear that irritating buzzing
Whispering in my ear, that's how
I know a mosquito is near!

It's either that or the ever loving
Itching on any body part,
Followed by a tiny bump.

Oh ain't that just wonderful,
She decided I was tasty enough
To be feasted upon.
Well you got it, the game is on!

I see her on the wall and
Try to crush her, but
The little annoyance is faster.

Then she's up there, on the ceiling!
What a drag, I just have to
Make her fly down a little bit.

In the light they're like ninjas,
One moment they're visible
And the next they're not.

The waiting game is the worst,
Looking at every corner of the room,
Trying to locate her. I have to admit,
Their hiding skills are superb.

But that won't deter me, I have a goal,
And that is to be done with her
Once and for all!

And then, luck is on my side,
As I finally pinpoint her, I
Slowly drew closer to her.
I need to be quick in my attack.

My palm or any other weapon
I chose for the occasion
Meets its target this time.
No more buzzing or itching for tonight.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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