Iconography of Another Fallen Star

Updated on October 4, 2017

Late Breaking news with a sad twist of fate involved

Just came through the AP wire in a flash

Another luminary from the past has played their last concert

Suddenly and unexpectedly as they arrived

Leaving many dazed and confused

Eager to purchase pieces of the past glory days

Fattening up the estate's rapidly growing capital

To the point where the vultures start to circle

Ready to dissect and steal what the greedy left behind

Hard to discern the celebrity from the flesh and blood person

Glued to the tabloids and Entertainment Tonight for all gossip

Legitimate and speculative; the best kinds of material

To escape from the routine doldrums of corporate life

Never knowing from beyond the discography and IMDB credits

Forced to accept making last minute Amazon purchases instead

Going through one big YouTube binge before putting everything away

Allowing some absence before rediscovering another lost treasure

Back into rotation for the next six months off and on

Much to the annoyance of all carpool participants

Time to start the bidding.
Time to start the bidding.


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