Rhymes Never Age

Updated on October 23, 2017

Ice Age


A saber-toothed Squirrel.
Treats his acorns like pearls.
Storing each one that he finds.
but he caused a large crack this time.
The crack extended for miles.
Causing things to come down.
He escapes the catastrophe.
Ended up in a place he never thought he'd be.
There prehistoric animals in the picture.
Migrating South for the winter.
SID, loving but clumsy.
Was left behind by his family.
So he started his Journey.
He meets up with MANNY.
Who becomes like family.
But an enemy was lurking.
SOTO. He wanted revenge.
Revenge on the humans that did.
He finds the humans family.
Looks on and plans to eat his baby.
Soto attacks the human being
But loses track of the baby.
DIEGO is sent to retrieve it.
Without knowing that Sid has found it.
She then thought of disappearing.
But needed someplace for her baby.
She entrusted her baby with Manny.
Then went on disappearing.
They decide to return the baby.
But find that its camp is empty.
They run into Diego.
He reveals the humans had to go.
Really, he's lying. Manny sees it.
So he and sid to find his parents.
Meanwhile, Diego is on their trail.
Because he made a promise to prevail.
To bring the baby to Soto.
But Soto has no clue that Diego.
Diego is falling for the baby.
Losing interest in apprehending.
Together, they encounter misfortunes.
But maintain their focus.
Diego gets closer to the baby.
Changing his mind about capturing.
The next day, they approach an ambush.
That caused Diego to reveal the truth.
He confesses to them his mission.
He also reveals that he's changed his decision.
They then battle Soto and his pack.
They corner Manny and as they attack.
Soto attempts to kill Manny.
but Diego stops it by interfering.
Manny knocks Soto in a wall.
Diego is injured from his fall.
The rest of Soto's pack retreats.
They return the baby after defeat.

Ray Romano
Denis Leary
John Leguizamo
Goran Visnjic

Ice Age: The Meltdown


The baby is saved and the herd's back.
Their happy and the sun has come back.
A camp has opened and its run by sid.
A small day camp for the kids.
Meanwhile, a local con artist.
Reveals that earth will be flooded.
Manny refuses to believe.
Until he goes to the waterfall and sees.
Sees a body of water.
With glaciers coming together.
Coming together, forming a wall.
Knowing eventually, that it will fall.
A vulture comes give them a warning.
That a flood is indeed coming.
That they have three days to get moving.
The Animals begin their journey.
On their journey there are adventures.
While on the Journey manny ventures.
Manny often ventures out.
Later it is all figured out.
Manny is thinking of his past.
Wondering why he's the last.
The last mammoth to be alive.
He feels bad until ELLIE arrives.
Sid invites her to join their journey.
She comes along with her family.
She believes she is an opossum.
But later finds that she's adopted.
While they were crossing the pond.
Sid prompts Diego to move on.
Ellie shows them where she was adopted.
but Realizes that she's really a mammoth.
Despite this bonding moment with Manny.
Shes mad that he is suggesting.
Suggesting to save the other species.
Ellie and Manny operate as one.
Focused on getting the task done.
As the flood comes Manny Saves.
Ellie from drowning in a cav.
Diego overcomes his fears.
Jumping into the water to save his peers.
While the animals are at the mercy.
The water currents are raging.
but through the raging tides.
They all survive.

Ray Romano
Queen Latifah
Denis Leary
John Leguizamo

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs


Manny's excited about his first child.
He wants to be sure his life's worthwhile.
As Diego tries to catch a Gazelle.
His nature's decline makes him fail.
So he's being a little hard on himself.
He breaks up the band and goes by himself.
While Sid wishes for a family of his own.
He finds 3 eggs and takes them home.
Manny advises him to leave them alone.
But sid insists on not taking them back.
It got even worse when they hatched
The eggs were of a T-Rex.
The mother was on her way to get.
She came and got her kids.
But along with them, she got her kids.
Diego sees them and pursues.
Not know Manny and Ellie are too.
They discover an icy cavern.
Then go further and see it's no cavern.
It's an underground Jungle.
Populated by nothing but trouble.
They then find luck.
When they find a weasel named BUCK.
Buck lived in the jungle for some time.
He helps them to find.
Buck does find sid.
Sid returns and meets Manny's new kid.

Ray Romano
Queen Latifah
Denis Leary
John Leguizamo
Simon Pegg

Ice Age: Continental Drift

Prehistoric Boss

Manny and Ellie are back on their throne.
The herd is back, peaches have grown.
Ellie tries to support her daughter.
Forcing Manny to be a protective father.
A continental break-up happens.
Separating Manny from the masses.
That break-up. Goes towards the family.
But that break-up only took Manny.
Manny, Diego, and Sid.
Are happy knowing the kids?
Are all safe on dry land.
As they are captured by a band.
A band of pirates on an iceberg.
Attempting to make Manny's herd.
Apart of their ship's crew.
Its an offer, that Manny refutes.
So Captain Gutt tries to execute them.
Not knowing that he was really freeing them.
Causing the ship to sink.
That then causes Gutt to think.
SHIRA comes and joins them.
She was left for dead but she shows them.
That she's indeed alive and well.
The attempt to kill her has failed.
The herd's now at Switchback Cove.
Thinking of the family at home.
Manny finds a ship and he takes.
He plans to use it to escape.
Unknowing that the Ship is Gutt's.
Gutt says that revenge is a must.
After escaping the pack of sirens.
They return home. Finding the land bridge.
Destroyed. Gutt has taken his family.
Taken them hostage but Manny.
Manny fights gut off.
Reminding them all who is the boss.

Ray Romano
Queen Latifah
Keke Palmer
Denis Leary
John Leguizamo
Peter Dinlage
Captain Gutt
Jennifer Lopez

Ice Age: Collision Course


Peaches is fixing to get Married.
Diego and Shira start a family.
Everyone is expanding,
Sid is even proposing.
But sid's proposal is turned down.
He laments and walks around.
With his head down. Very despondent.
While asteroids strike a special event.
Meanwhile, in an underground cavern.
The great BUCK returns.
Returns a Dinosaur egg to its rightful owner.
In the midst, Buck discovers.
He discovers an ancient stone pillar.
He takes it to the others.
He explains that the pillar means one thing.
That a massive asteroid is incoming.
Three dromaeosaurs overhear it.
They try to stop it.
To get revenge.
Securing their domination.
One of the three is reluctant.
but the others force cooperation.
The herd 's in pursuit to try to stop it.
Discovering that the asteroids have magnetic.
Magnetic properties. Buck theorizes.
That quantities of small androids may stop it.
So they try it. The dromaeosaurs intervene.
but buck convinces them to support the need.

Ray Romano
Queen Latifah
Keke Palmer
Adam DeVine
Denis Leary
Jennifer Lopez
Simen Pegg
Max Greenfield/NickOfferman/Stephanie Beatrize

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