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Ice And More Ice Beware

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Nobody Wants To Slip And Fall

Walking can be difficult

Sometimes impossible

I tried chipping away with an ice pick

Shoveling it with a good old metal shovel

We have to wait till the weather warms up

A neighbor we are not close to

His truck was stuck

The left front tire would spin

I could hear his motor race

When I got there he was trying to rock his truck back and forth

He tried sand and rock salt

The tire was in a hole

Ice on all sides

I brought over some rubber mats

Thinking they would give him a little traction

They kicked them up and out

The tires looked a little worn

So no matter what we tried it was no use

At least I tried

We have not been the best of friends

I threw all this aside

When your in a jam

You let things roll off your shoulders

I have been an his situation before

You just want to get on with your day

I left him no better off than when I came

He thanked me and I am glad I went to help

While I was there we made some small talk

We both knew at that moment

The most important thing is everyone in our families is safe and healthy

The little differences really don't matter

They make us who we are

Good or bad

Maybe we are a little of both

Mostly good that the other person before never had a chance to see

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