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I am allergic

I am allergic
Or maybe nauseated
By this thing called love.
You may not agree
But trust me,
I don't care.
I think love is full of shit
Just dig me a grave
I will snuggle with the ants
And wallow in their love bites.

I am allergic
Or maybe skeptical
About love stories and happily ever after's.
You see, I think the dwarfs in Snow White were a bunch of gay men.
And Prince Charming in Cinderella was a weak ass man, who couldn't catch up to a lady running away in heels.

I am allergic
And also sympathetic
To the deeds done by men all in the name of love,
Only to find out that it was never reciprocated in the first place.

I am allergic
Not a fanatic
I still believe in love.

But not for me.

© 2022 Akosua Ago Mansa