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The Voices


Do you think that they want to beg?

Do you think they enjoy looking at the shadows when they don't even have the energy to look up right.. .

.. Do you think, they'd hoped it be like this someday.?
Do you ever just say hello and drop a coin.

Do you even bother look at them while you making sure that that tie is at the right spot..
Do you pay attention to those voices in your head.
.. Do you let them speak out in the first place?...
.. It's not their fault they can't fake that smile you keep wearing everyday acting like life is beautiful. Life's been a mess to them, you could get a smurk if you let the voices talk..
They smiling deep inside..
It's a new dawn, and some hope they didn't have to see it.. But they smiling..
The voices won't let your eyes open up and see that..
At that corner. The very corner they sleep every day, hoping tomorrow will be different... Hoping that the night wooshes away..
And it's pain on another level.
Don't blame them if you see the sniff bottles held close to their hearts.. It's the medicine that helps them forget real life.
Don't blame when they up at the bins looking for leftovers. They went to sleep with their tummies rumbling.. But no sleep came to them.
.. But the voices just won't come together..
.. That voice is ignorant..
That voice is full of itself.
That voice just don't care..
That voice cares but there's nothing it can do because the greater voice is in charge..
That voice wants the streets clean.. Wants them gone because it can say so.
That other voice is the reason they are there..
They can't even speak for themselves..

Every day is a new day.. The sun shines the same, and they all wish they didn't have to get to this day..

Every day is a new day, but they lost a brother out of hunger..

Every day is a new day, they all look upto their sisters who've turned to prostitution to survive.

Every day is a new day, their brother is no more. He got shot stealing from the voice he's been crying out to.

Every day is a new day, and they all waiting for death like today's supper.

Everyday is a new day, but their hearts have lost the rhythm in beating...

Every day is a new day... Hoping that the voice that cares comes through and wakes them from this nightmare.
.. Everyday is a new day, the sun's rays only pinch them harder .
.. They need a voice. They are people too.
They are humans too.
.. They need a voice...
. We need their smiles to. Earth needs a smile to.
Listen to their stories.
Feed them.
Hug them.. Understand them..
It's a voice they lack. It's us they need.
It's lost hope out there still dying out here.

The voices of the unfortunate muting up .

The cries of help deeming, because help isnt ready to come to them.
It's the voices of lost sons calling out to dead ancestors... The voices of what could have been a great future standing next to their graves waiting to land in for a rest that's seemly inevitable..
.. It's the voices of lost daughters wanting to come back home.. But home is long lost.
It's the voice of lost kids wanting to know the taste of fresh air... The voices waiting for a savior.
It's the voices of the street...
.. It's the voices of crying, asking where humanity left to.

It's the voices the street kids ...
It's the voice that needs a voice....
... It's the voices calling out to humanity .
... It's the voices.

© 2019 Amani Utembu


Jamie Lee Hamann from Reno NV on April 27, 2019:

Thank you for your voice. May more voices be heard. Jamie

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