Updated on January 5, 2018


I thought everything would be fine,

If a baby was born.

I was wrong after all,

I felt as if i'm drowned.

I struggle every moment i thought,

To leave a life which is torn.

I didn't know guys had many horns,

Just a second to turn you life in fault.

The world is hell,I heard a sound,

There was an angel with white beatiful gown,

Who showedme the way to be fought on.

I woke up to be somebody i wasn't from,

They saw me and said,"you're only the clone"

The clone of a coward who tried to be strong.

Now i'm bold enough,I can kick you down,

When I was too good,you took me for granted,

I'm neither your follower nor your slave.

Get ride of my way,this is what i'll say.

You was right after all,that everyone has a day,

The moment you left me in a bay.

Now i'll say that it's my day,

It's time for you to go in your own way.

As today IT'S MY DAY



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