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It's always been you that made my heart skip beats over and over. Always like when you first said hi.
And I don't know why but you've been there when I thought nobody was ever there, you'll still hold onto to my hand although you know that makes me nervous .
And you've witnessed me breakdown over and over and over again, and you still stayed even when I requested you to go away.
You've been there the many times have had it my mind to do new things that I I'd never normally do . You've been there.
Even when I lost it all, you'd still remind me that I had let lost you with a broad smile cracking on your face.
And I personally don't understand how you able to do this over and over, because patience is the one thing I wasn't gifted with.
Hope is just dimming a little distant away because I don't even know what it means to be hopeful.
I don't think you really understand how very special you are to me, because I don't got words to explain how important you are.
And as gross as this might sound, you are the reason I remember to brush every day, wear that cologne you say smells like daisies you love.. You are really why I wake up ,just so o can see your smile and feel my heart stop for a few second as you wrapping your arms around me.
It's always been you that reminds me am not alone.
.its always been you that sets my heart on fire.
. It's always been you that leaves me breathless...
It's always been you. It's always been you.

© 2019 Amani Utembu

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