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It Was a Gloomy Day 14 Years Ago

Princess is a language graduate passionate about studying Philippine indigenous languages and writing poems. She is also an educator.


It Was a Gloomy Day 14 Years Ago

It was a gloomy day, an unexpected day.
You caught me off guard, you are inside.
Inside the coffin lying dead, embracing silence.
That was 14 years ago and my questions are left unanswered.

14 years of treasuring memories and moments,
14 years of moving on as life must go on.
14 years of sadness, ups, surprises,
14 years of standing in the vastness of the unknown.

14 years of trying, to laugh, to smile, to enjoy life,
14 years of exploring what tomorrow may bring.
14 years of traveling with people you never met before,
14 years of following the lessons you taught and shared.

Today is a wonderful day, a memorable day.
You made me remember, you are inside.
Inside my heart alive, singing songs of victory.
That was 14 years ago and it’s ok if I don’t have the answers.

Mom, you are dead yet you are alive,
Mom, I hope I am making you proud.
Mom, I wish you meet my friends and cook for them,
Mom, I wish you were here with me walking down the aisle.

Today is a wonderful day, a memorable day,
14 years ago I started traveling the world of the unknown.
Mom, today I can see you smile,
As I am wearing this white gown, walking down the aisle.

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