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I.T. Man

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Hey, I took that picture
and wished that I was in it
the one where you were laughing loud
the one where you were in the crowd
but that was just untrue
something I thought 'bout you

I asked a serious question
but all I got was laughter
and then I thought to myself
I guess that's what I was really after
can't be an actor, can't even be a singer
but no matter what - still I'll be your bringer

another dawn, another day beginning
and with you by me
it's the closest thing to winning

In the morning,
you know that I'll be driving
to my job to keep us thriving
and maybe it wasn't my plan
to be an information systems man
I guess, for now it is what I am

another night, sleep time
and when I get to lie by you
it's a dream come true

And now, this lovely day is over
just another day of winning
when success is measured
in all the laughs and grinning
just a dream come true
to spend so much time with you

It's all I want to do.

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