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If Ever It Will Be


I'm made to go through this everyday

Forget hope, not even a ray

The creeping, night after night

Keeps instilling in me endless fear

Wait, this, maybe I could fight

But from where do I seek the might?

They say at the end of the tunnel, there's a light

But all I'm made to see is this tormenting sight

Indeed, its all green and fruitful

And I'm hail and youthful

But that in itself is the problem

The thirst for happiness, not even an emblem

I need something to hold on to

Somebody, anybody to look up to

I relentlessly beckon on the sky for rain

Instead, I'm made to choke on my pain

Where did I go wrong?

Why this hurtful song?

Non-stop, all night long

Do I simply resolve to giving up?

Or endure till the time is up

And I may be free

If ever it will be.

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