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I Would Give Everything Poetry by N. Dominis


How I'd be happy to help
to you, brothers who suffer,
oh, how I would be happy if I were given the words
that fill with enthusiasm,
to be given the words which move the world,
how I'd wish for people to listen, to hear,
these politicians, rulers, people with power,
the mighty ones of the world to gain grace
to see, to feel,
to understand the pain of a mother
whose child is dying of hunger,
the pain of a father whose princess
longs for a drop of water.

Oh, wake me up tomorrow
and tell me they've understood,
wake me up and tell me the new day is coming,
day of light that doesn't know of sunset,
day ruled by Christ.
What we did to the smallest ones,
we dif to Him, and to ourselves!

Indeed, I would…I would if I could,
give all the money of the world
for a single drop of mercy
to the little ones!

It's value is more than that of pearls and gold,
worth more than all the treasures
of this grand world,
and the whole universe is worthless compared to it.!

Oh, wake me up tomorrow
and tell me that they understand!

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