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I Wonder Why It Smells

Adnan shafi is a poet, writer, columnist, short story writer, and reviewer.

I wonder why it smells


I wonder why it smells

Have you ever thought
Inside yourself
Within this one feeling
Through your soul
In your pulse
In the beat
In these breaths
Sometimes in the dim winds
Sometimes in deserted streets
Someone shines
And in that light you
Suddenly you get lost.
Sometimes in the form
of fragrance
In the vein
In the aorta
It dissolves like this.
Nothing is visible
But when on blank paper
With the pen in hand
You are about to say a ghazal
So that familiar smell
Creates a halo around you
Imprisons in the sacred circle
So those words on paper
Shining with pearls
With the same familiar smell
I wonder why it smells
In your mind and heart

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