I Wish I Would Have Raised My Voice

Updated on May 14, 2018
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An engineer as chosen by the society but a social activist by heart. Completed my graduation from MP and currently working in IT industry.

...my liveliness has gone now...

They gave me to you,
thinking I will be happy forever.
I also thought it's a new beginning,
we will make our beautiful world together.

Each day I used to get ready,
waiting for you to come home soon.
It was the first time I got a jerk,
when you said "With whom did you spend the noon?"

I couldn't understand that time,
how brutal you could be.
It became a trend for you to get drunk,
and I had no idea what the future would be.

My dreams broke down that night,
when you came and beat me like anything.
Your eyes were red with belt held in hand.
To save myself, I had nothing.

It proved to be a long night for me.
I sat in the corner while you slept.
Unable to think whether it's a dream or reality,
I couldn't configure what the destiny kept.

Days and nights kept on going,
my life got restricted with rods and chairs.
No one knew what I was going through
as society marked us in the list of best pairs.

"You both look adorable together!"
were the comments on social media.
What was the purpose of wearing scarf everywhere,
none of them recognized, none of them had any idea!

I never wanted to show my scars,
in any of your parties or meetings.
Evertytime I suffered with pain,
when others' spouse used to give them greetings.

I started hiding the wounds from people,
stopped meeting them outside.
Initiated wearing makeup on the face,
and beared the heart filled of tears inside.

No one recognized yet,
not even my mother and father.
My liveliness has gone now,
I would like to kill myself rather.

I am left with no cheerfulness,
my soul has become hollow.
I wish I would have raised my voice,
when the water was shallow!


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