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I will speak


Why did I support him to authority?
Ohh! Why?
Why did I?
You thought he had a nice manifesto?
So did I
Ohh! Why?
Did he have to make a fool out of us?

I thought he vowed to help the vulnerable,
I thought he was able,
Quite capable,
Ooh! Why?
Why do people change when placed in positions,
Why do they forget where they are from,
Why do they forget their promises,

I stand at his office,
Paining and groaning,
Transfered from one office to the other,
Can you really understand me mheshimiwa?
I thought we suffered with you,
People forget easily,
Ooh! Why?

Some one should just speak;
Sitted in your apartment,
Thinking all is well,
And boom!
A bulldozer takes it all,
Its really painful,
Someone should just speak -
If not you,
Then I'll speak;
For the betterment of this society.

© 2021 Eddie okendo

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