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I Will Collect My Charms

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I love to write poems and I enjoy everything that's poetic because poetry is always soothing and perfect for the soul.


I overturned the horizon to walk in the sky
Made myself submersible, hug the anemones
Where you are not.
I don't think about you, I think.
I don't think about you.

If by chance we had the same place
On the line
Our heels in contact, skillful acrobatics
More skin, flesh
More lover
And yet
I don't think of you, I think.
I don't think about you.

Shards of obsession fade in the surf
Tinkle bells, memories punches
I handle them, push them back, it is according to
They no longer hurt here, though.
I don't think about you anymore, I think.
I don't think about you.

The downside is the apnea
Which wobbles
The sentence and its attack
Entangles the mind.
I am not Icarus.

And if I think of you to burst the clouds
As true as the drops fall
It is the fact
My thought, which becomes iridescent,
It is the fact.

Below the line, the smiles are wet
The frozen sun,
The heart beats backward
Labor, gets stuck and rebels.
I don't think about you there
I don't think about you.

When I will be tired
Of this contortion
My pain as a bracelet
My air of Robinson
I will overthrow the azure
Or fall into a puddle
I will collect my charms I will
Find the world, blazing, ambiguous.
And I'll think of you, I think.
I will think of you.

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