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I Will Be Found

Being a content creator,it is honour to work on this huge plateform about any aspects.I hope;my articles woud give you something more.

I will be found,

In the lake that's across your house;
I will be found,
Deep down, yeah, deep down;
I will be found; One Day!

Oh! its the lake of emotions
Its the heart your house
Then tell me, why won't it give me notions
That it will let my heart in-house

Oh! I know that the time has long gone
But you see the flowers by the bridge have grown
And the butterflies with me sing all the day around
That I will be found! That I will be found,
So why should I quit,
when its yet not the end...
You'll come along the fragrance,
Which these flowers will send..

And when you stand by the bridge
And look down in the lake
I will be there
Waiting for you to see my soul!
I will be there;
Oh! Will you find, But will you find?
Me in the lake that's across your house,
Deep down, yeah, deep down
But do you know, that my heart has known
That you will look down and deep down
And I will be found; ONE DAY!


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© 2021 Osman Ghazi