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I Will Arrive


I Will Arrive


Due dates.

Past due notices.


Grinding but not seeing progression.


Food, gas, water


Welcome to the world of adult life. Do you feel the heaviness?

The weight of the world rest on your shoulders and help is so far it's like a mirage in the desert.

Can I turn to you?

Will you be there for me when I need you? Can I count on you?

I'm afraid!!!!

What if you disappoint me when I let my guard down? What if the one time I bear my soul to you there is a vacancy behind your eyes not lost for words but loss of selflessness.

I'm here for you always have been but where are you when I cry at night soaking my pillow with agonizing tears of no comfort just a temporary release.

You got my back you say but as soon as I turn it you question if you can be there to stand with me when the world yet again unleases it's claws on the tender skin of my back of scars. Where are you!

I need you!

Those are hard words for me because you said you would be there for me so why am I searching to

I gotta get up! I can't sit here I can't stay here. I've got to go! I have to keep pressing there's something for me if I keep moving I'll get to it. Too often people stop right before they reach their destination thinking it can't possibly be this far but by what measure are you calculating? The climb is great and the reward even greater so with every strike I must keep pushing. With every blow I must keep breathing because the top is where I belong and I won't stop until I reach it. I may be alone when I get there but my travel will be worth my loss. I will arrive.