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I Was Shaped and I Have a Form


I was shaped and I have a form

I was shaped and I have a form,

protected from ways that carry much harm,

I was directed, accepted and carried great lengths to see, and I found myself, and worth of how I truly should be.

I was once blind but now I can see, I was once cages but now I am free,

once unconscious in ways, but now I am awakened to be fully focused and aware,

to see what I need to see and what I need to hear, to be always attentive while walking my pathways.

© 2020 The Eloquent Heart Writer


The Eloquent Heart Writer (author) from Barbados W.I on January 02, 2020:

Thank You! Yes, to get freedom is to live again :)

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on January 02, 2020:

It is so easy for one to become caged and blinded as he goes through life.

We want to hope we have found our dreams and often go blind to everything around us.

To free oneself gives a new light to the pathway.

Great write.

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