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I wanted....

I want it all....

I was so young,

Fragile and full of life,

With a desire that was strong,

Every pretty doll and dress my heart could yearn

Some I could have but some were beyond


I still wanted it all

Grew up to be a teenage such a blissful age,

Where tantrums were expected to be underage,

The body had taken in the new stage,

Deep down the little girl,

I couldn't underrate,

She took it with a force without any hesitate,

All the fancy phones and crazy friends...

Though she knew she was not a perfect fit,

She wanted......she wanted it all...

years passed by and I have grown,

Several burning desires for love and success,

Temptations, rejections, and deceptions crawl my way...

Deep down still lives the little girl.

She doesn't allow pain and pity to crawl in...

She knows what she wants...

She wants.....what I wanted...We want it all

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