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I Told Her I Love Her- but What She Did Left Me Broken (a Poem About Admiration)

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Writing is my way of expressing thoughts positively. And through this platform, I am able to share with you my simple creation.

Emarie - A Poem about Admiration

Emarie - A Poem about Admiration

About the poem

Emarie is a poem about admiration, a poem of young love.

It’s about a guy who is in college, and he has a crush on a girl named Emarie. He really liked her but he was shy. And he couldn’t tell her that he was in love.

But one day he finally had the courage to tell Emarie, this young beautiful girl at school, how he truly feels.

He was being sincere, but this happened.


I made a bet with my friends
That, if I will pass my English class
I would tell Emarie how I feel
She’s this beautiful girl at school
Who has this brown wavy hair
With a calm round face
Much like a peach was the shape
I needed confidence
I have everything
I wore a Chuck Taylor rip-off
And a hand-over Jansport backpack
And my dad gave me his Levis
Top it with a white shirt
And a red cap
I’m close to looking like Fred Durst
Sing the song Rollin
Join an MC battle on Fliptop

I’m noble
Wealthy like a prince
But, confidence
I don’t have

I needed to fool myself
To gain courage
To tell Emarie
That I’m slowly falling in love
I was also confident
That I’ll pass my English class this time
It’s my second take
I only had 4 absences this month
And my friends helped me with projects
And none of my assignments came in late

And like any other young man
I carefully planned my timing
I don’t want to ruin
This perfect opportunity
To be with an angel
To be guided with the white light
To have an inspiration

And when everything was ready
All that was left was the execution
And all of you
Pay attention to what I am about to say
You can learn from this
This is the best approach to a girl
With a guarantee
That she’d say yes
If you confess
Your love to her

And after a long planning
For about 30 minutes or less

I muster all the courage I had
While she was sitting
Alone in the cafeteria
Crossing her legs
Her tight acid wash denim was perfect
She wore a pink shirt
With a print that says “Sexy”
Bang Bang
Looking like Ariana Grande
But more civilized
Without the 69
And the 34, 35’s

And I slowly came up to her
And ask her if I could sit beside her
And ask her something
And then she said YES
And this was perfect
And when she gave me her Go signal
I simply said

Are you lost, baby girl?

But before I even had the chance to say another word
She slapped me in the face
I know that some girls can’t accept compliments
But this was weird
She can’t accept and answer a question
Her soft palm
Connected to, almost a meter long arm
Generated about 1000 Newton Force
And after impact
Damaged the outer layer of my skin
About 3 mm above my right chin

She was left-handed
And my stance was Orthodox
And her strike connected
The power was too strong
I had no opportunity to retaliate
I got knocked-out
Did not survive the 10 counts
And had to be wheeled out on a stretcher
And the doctor needed to run some tests
I doubted his credibility
Because I was hit on the face
But he had to X-ray my chest
I guess he knew I had a broken heart

But if Emarie would have answered my question
If she was lost with a NO
I would have said

Are you sure you’re not lost?
Because I don’t think you belong on this earth
You’re an angel
What are you doing here in hell?
I’m sure you’re not visiting Satan
You don’t want anything to do with that guy
Emotionally that is
He’s married

A short moment of silence would be necessary

What I mean is
You’re pretty
And I’m really attracted to you

It’s been a long time
Since I want to say this
But I did not have the courage
To tell you how I feel
Every time I see your face
A special place in my heart lights up
You make me happy
And if you’ll give me a chance
Mr. Hopeful here
I can offer you my love that is honest and sincere

I’m willing to prove my worth to you
I’m ready to wait
I just had to let this emotion out
And avoid having regrets
And if your answer earlier to the question, if you’re lost, was NO
Then if I’ll ask you right now
If you would go out with me
Then, I guess
You’ve spent your NO
Then your only answer would be YES

That would have been a perfect conversation
But fate
Didn’t allow it to happen
She misunderstood my question as a threat
And our happy ever after
My happy ever after
Did not progress
But I will not lose hope
I will take this as a lesson learned
Reevaluate and reassess my options
And as a consolation for the experience

Aside from a swollen face
I become more mature now
I was gladly informed by the doctor
My heart was normal
No breaks
No cracks
Everything was intact
In fact
He said
I’m perfectly fine
I’m ok to run the miles
Then, I guess
I’m back to square one this time

© 2021 Erl Sua

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