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I Shall Try Not to See You Again!

You drove past me yesterday,

didn’t bother to stop at the bus stop

where we met every single day.

Yesterday was my birthday!

I missed you very much,

I was so sad as you didn’t even answer to my telephone calls!

I spent the entire day all alone

and couldn’t sleep the whole night,

my pillow got soaked in tears!

Early this morning someone whispered in my ears to say

‘Come on, shake off all your silly thoughts and sentiments

and come to terms with the practicalities of life,

why bother to think about someone who doesn’t care for you?’

I am trying to toughen my mind and make a new beginning of my life.

I shall not phone you up henceforth.

Neither shall I try to see you ever again.

This will not be an easy task I know

but I shall try …give it a try!

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