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I Shall Remember


I'll never forget about my dear Scotland,

and those good times I lived over there,

Scottish Moors and all of the chili nights,

those sunshining days that we did share.

When a rain falls, it so beckons to you,

as you turn warm collars up, just a bit,

Face each new day, send troubles away,

the Scottish way, as now you're being fit.

As a bag pipe plays, rings over the locks,

the setting sun does say a fond farewell.

I shall return one day to my family there,

and to hear its greeting, fine church bell.

We'll sing a song just to our old Scotland,

the good times there that we've all had,

Drinking a fine toast to the grandest life,

where we're always full of joy, never sad.


I shall never forget my dearest Scotland,

in my mind and heart she's always there.

The highlands are calling, as rain is falling,

My every memory of her there is so rare.


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