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I See Through You

97 born and a bookworm, I am an awkward potato finding her way to become a french fry.

When you're curled with your book or diary in a corner trying to shut the world out, I see you.
When you pretend to not hear all the words thrown at you and try to get engrossed in your phone or chore, I see you.
When your heart skips a beat after seeing a small gesture of compassion from a friend, I see you.
When you smile after reading something new in a novel, I see you.
When you dance like no one is watching to your favorite beats on the headphones, I see you.
When your face reflects a myriad of emotions when you watch movies, I see you.
When you laugh without a second thought in the security of your friends, I see you.
When people who fail you time and time again break you and watch you break inside, but you still manage to hold still like a statue to keep it all away in front of them, I see you.
When they still expect you to smile after all the slaps and insults on your soul, and you do, I see you.
I see you when you cry yourself to sleep those nights, trying to hold your breath to control the sobs. I see you when you look at that one person who had your heart and wish, just for once and for the hundredth time, that things were different. I see you when you hug your own self by the waist just because you don't have anyone else to hold you when you fall apart. And with the same arms that catch you when you fall, I see you and stroke your head lovingly when I pick up your pieces to build you again.
Don't you get it yet?
I'm the same person who holds your soul from draining away when you sit curled up beneath the hot shower and search for courage to move on. I'm the same person who cheers for you as you stand up again. I'm the same person you see when you put yourself together in front of the mirror. When you smile your smile after arranging the last of your hair in place or arranging that spike and look into your eyes, I am the one beneath those irises who sheds a tear with pride at your courage to choose to fight again and live. I am you. In you. And most importantly, I am always - always -with you, no matter what.

© 2018 Maddie Sawyer