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I Ran


One Day,

It hit me like a hurricane

I'd made it further than I'd ever thought I'd make

I had bruises that would never fade away

Why was I suddenly out of breath?

Why did I suddenly fear death?

I wanted the world

Wanted more than I could ever have

Happiness that I could never seem to grasp

I ran toward the light,

thinking it would warm the cold night

But the closer I got,

the bigger grew the shadow.

Following me,

swallowing me.

I ran to get away

from a place where I'd once wanted to stay.

No matter how much I ran,

the darkness never left,

the light only grew brighter.

But I didn't give up,

I was a fighter.

So I ran.

Refusing to give in to the darkness,

refusing to be swallowed by the light,

I ran.

© 2021 Leisha R

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