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I Love You and I Love You Too

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Love Goes Round And Round

A special day to make it clear

Passion is in the air

It is not what you do

As much as how you do it

It is not where you go

But who you are with when you get there

We can postpone so many things in our life

For another time

To another place

When our home is quiet

There is just the two of us

I can't think of a better way to spend our day

Reflecting on all the beautiful times we have experienced

All the hard times that we both struggled and pulled together

The years have a way of disappearing

So every chance I get

I like to show a little extra way of caring

If it is holding your hand in private or public

A firm hug where we both embrace

A little kiss to carry us over

We often say I will see you later

Work pulls us in different directions

Love brings us closer together

Breakfast on the table as you slowly wake up

A simple lunch waiting for me when I am busy

A late night talk about our day

The comfort of knowing we take care of each other

Through everything life has to offer

Bringing all the joys

One step closer

When the smiles keep growing

Our dreams keep expanding

Day in and day out

Happiness is the best way to celebrate

It is wonderful to see

Better to feel

The sweetness of love between you and me

Happy Valentines Day

To my wife and my one and only

© 2022 DREAM ON

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