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I Live, Oh Yes, I Do

Imran is an anthropologist who researches and writes on self-improvement.


My life is beyond a grip
In my adventurous journey, I slip
After losing what I had all along
I choose to sing a happy song

Oh, I love how I survive
People face worse, so I thrive

Stepping out from the darkness, I will secure my tomorrow
What is dark is gone, the thing of the past is my sorrow
Even if I lose ways I am not much afraid
I will get back on track, won't that be great?

I know I can't see the future clearly
But I will rub my eyes and envision nearly
Remember, flowers bloom in the desert too
Yeah. I have decided to assert and woo

I live. Oh yes, I do!
Each morning I am as good as new

So, rise and shine as you have it in you
Live many happy days, not just a few.

© 2019 Imran khan

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