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Killer Rain

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I believe that a mind is a powerful tool a human has and one should sharpen it by constant use.

As the rain pours down

My heart feels like it's drowned

Hoping that someone can pull me up

From the ocean of loneliness

But Rain keeps me on dragging

And My thoughts are sinking

"You are hopeless no matter what!"

A voice from somewhere

I looked and looked

There! found it, It's on my mind

Wondering why it speaks to me like that

It was the cause of wanting me to be dead

As you pour down so heavily

Ah, Rain, kills me softly

"I can charge you with a crime!"

I want to say this

"But I like how this rain kills me down"

Stabbing me softly with a knife of loneliness

Venting my sadness in the rain

Venting my sadness in the rain

© 2020 Bambe

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