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I just Can't Remember Me - Poem

I have always loved poetry. It can tell a story, and show the whole picture in a few words.

Older woman remembering in street

Older woman remembering in street

I was walking along the street the other day and I saw a girl coming towards me who reminded me so much of what I used to look like.

It suddenly struck me.

I had totally forgotten the person I used to be. I was so used to rushing around, not having fun and never seeming to have time for me these days.

It was rather like a camera shutter opening up and showing me the past.

Hence this poem.

I Just Can't Remember Me.

Its really such a simple thing,

The way it used to be,

The friends we made,

The plans we laid,

But I can't remember me.

They say we are like Diamonds,

Our facets shining through,

Each shine a different picture,

So different, me and you.

One side shows off our talents,

Another one of pain,

The third shows how we work together,

And all our special aims.

But then...........

I caught a glimpse the other day,

A young girl who looked like me,

Just like I was, back yesterday,

When life was sweet and free.

Suddenly a sadness

crept through my mind,

A memory of the me,

A photo shot, a picture card,

Of youth of fun, you see.

Memories -Cats

And somewhere as the years on years,

Pass through our own domain,

My facets dulled and lost their sparkle,

Leaving dirty window panes.

How do we lose our 'other' selves?

Where did that person go?

The woman who I used to be,

Who'd flirt and smile and flow,

A smile to all who came her way,

And danced and laughed and sang ......

A distant memory you see,


I just can't remember me!

Memories - Elvis Presley

Way back when

Way back when

© 2018 Nell Rose

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