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I Hurt When I Look at You: A Poem About Mother and Daughter


It hurts when I look at you

You chin raised so high

So full of self-virtue

You don’t hear my cry


Your eyes full of judgement

As you survey around

Your lips spill your disappointment

As my confidence you pound


Your words so critical

Delivered with a smile

Your opinion of me brutal

Your own child you revile


For years I have tried

To earn more than your love

Needing your friendship, respect and pride

And receiving none of the above


Locked together by blood

Our family ties tight

What should be ours sacred

Has been killed by the never-ending fight



So please believe me when I say

That our time has reached its end

I never meant for it to be this way

But my life I’m no longer willing to defend


I miss what we could have had

But it was only a dream

I like my life good or bad

And no longer look to gain your esteem


It hurts when you look at me

Wanting to be close

And knowing we never will be

Not mother and daughter… now only foes

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