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I Have Seen the Universe in Your Power

Misbah has always wanted to pursue writing as a career. She loves to do poetry. She is conveying messages of love through her poetry.

The Back Stage Story

A very lovely and respectable fellow author, BRENDA ARLEDGE challenged in her week 5 prompt to the fellow writers to write something on the prompt Madness.

I am sorry, Brenda, even though I wanted to write about your previous prompts as well, but I was unable to do it as I was working on 2 articles of mine. I hope you will like this one.

I have given the poem a Sufi spiritual turn. I hope you all will like it.

The poem: it's a story of a girl. When he left her alone, how she finds God everywhere.

What she achieved after a heartbreak. People call her crazy: an intense lover seeking love when she finds that God's Love is the only true love

So what does Madness mean?

What does madness mean? What is madness? In the worst-case scenario, this is a condition that allows you to see only one direction. Metaphorically, it is a huge tidal wave that disturbs the mind and washes away all other worries. The purpose of the obsession may be a particular person or object. We are talking about a strong dependence, an addiction that takes an interest in peace and everything.

In Urdu, madness is known as Dewanagi and Junoon (جنون,دیوانگی).

The Poem

Don't ask me the extent of my madness
I am lost in the deserts
People think I'm crazy,
Who is waiting for you?

In paths where you left my hand,
I am still sitting on the same threshold today
The walls look at me,
Like I am hiding in a cave

Ever since you left,
I have sought God
Everywhere, in the mountains, in the deserts,
In the caves,
He is the one who sees everywhere

Wherever I look in this world,
He is there everywhere in every heart, he lives
A moment is being spent consciously,
O lucky ones who are in the embrace of the storm

Now this world is in the spirit of our devotion
One prostration in selflessness,
One prostration in consciousness
If expediency doesn't say anything, what is the cure?

There are so many stories in silence
This flood of accidents, this storm of grief
Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person
Afraid of the speed of the caravan

Don't lose your destination
For one day in excitement
Be it the front of the quintessence, whatever
My madness is no longer conscious now

Someone asks Misbah, the extent of your grace
She has seen the universe in your power
O God, have mercy on me now
In your love, people call me crazy

© 2021 Misbah Sheikh

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