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I Had Seen Your Soul

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I love to write whenever I thought and feel.It is a way I express my truth from within through blending of a magical words of the soul.



Rhanzie Flores (2020)

We never planned to cross our paths together this way, we knew it...didn't we?
All just happened that we found you and me resting at each other's arms calmly.
Feeling the warmth of home, we've got amazing chemistry.
Till we realized that these happened a lot to us from years to years, from life to life, you see?

When my eyes were set on yours, I recognized my soul.
I mirrored myself, it was you I met a thousand years before .
You may forgotten me, but I'm sure your soul never lost me, No!
I had seen it in your eyes, you were longing for me since when, I don't know!

Unsure wether it was me or you who resisted the thread that pulling us together.
Illusionary gaps were in between, not just now but even it seems like forever.
More than attraction, connection arouse from within the heart that we care.
I sensed that I belong to you deep down inside, no matter you are far or near.

And when I closed my eyes, I had seen you and me, I had seen you in me!
Where all were open in front of me about you bold and clear suddenly.
Closed eyes I was with you, taking glances at your soul admiringly.
Through the depth of each breaths, I had felt your soul very deeply.

I had seen your soul, longing for its eternal home.
Longing for the arms that you had been waiting to rest on.
I had seen your soul firm and strong, yet weakened with wounds
Your soul that desires for the purity of heart, kiss them to heal and to be cured

Your soul that won a lot battles from many life times.
Conquered hundreds failures and captived life experiences that made you unshakable.
I had seen your soul, being thirsty of true compassion and affection.
Longing for true love and nurturing heart to lay down your head calmly throughout the night till it's dawn.

I had seen your soul was loving purely for many times yet betrayed not just once.
You guarded your heart, your emotions and your soul.
But you forgot one thing that in this lifetime could happen by fate.
No matter how you guard yourself, It will take just one deep glance.
For you to see that's everything inside you were all my soul's replica.

Staring in your eyes, seeing what's within you were all whats within me.
For me to recognize myself and all that I've been through.
Were not just happened because I chose to, but more than all it has been destined.
For me to understand that love is more than just a lust, yet it is fire burning beside you.

To tell us that true love isn't an entrapment, but its a freedom of true feelings.
The rebirth of rare happiness, celebration of the two souls.
Being united with respect and admiration, that never just for lust.
Binds fully of understanding, acceptance and forgiving love.

© 2020 Rhodora

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