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I Go to Church....

My thoughts to your ears but for now I'll settle for your eyes


I go to church....

Well I go to church.....

I tell myself;
never to do more than stain the seat with the impression of my rebellion to the words,
I block, from the distance it takes from mouth to ear to heart, it disappears from my mind; I'm not inclined to change..

It's okay, I go to church...
It's my escape when the music vibrates;
I hear every note sung, never going deeper to translate my conviction, I forget the name of the one I praise, words drown my thoughts and chills my mind
to confine my worship..

But I go to church.....
To feel good about me and how God is so sweet
he loves me for me;
I want to hear these words spoken, not knives digging into my sin, mirrors showing my face, distorting the imagination of my fate, walking into fire while feeling the flames, I'll call myself a Christian and leave the preacher to blame..

Because I go to church you see..
so it's not me who's responsible for this road I take,
I can't forsake myself, my desires, my emotions,
this higher power died for my sins
so then....

I'm safe.. I go to church....

© 2020 Leslie Robertson


Leslie Robertson (author) from Tennessee on May 08, 2020:

Exactly Ms Dora, I fact I have to keep constant on my heart!

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on May 08, 2020:

Great presentation! The idea of feeling safe and sheltered in church attendance is relatable. A reminder that we serve a God who sees beyond the activity to the intent of the heart.

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